Flipping through our photos

Flipping through our photos

Missing is looming

Last winter

We laughed sweetly

Looking at your crying face

Say goodbye to me

Too late to hear

You have gone very far

Maybe you have given up on me

Maybe it's already hard to look back

I know I missed it

Please give me another reason

Say you don't love me

Even if i don't understand

Can you forgive me

Please don't treat the breakup as your request

I know that insisting on leaving is an excuse for your injury

Please turn around

I will accompany you till the end

Even if there is no result

I can also bear

I know your pain

Is my promise

You told me to indulge

Silence is because of tolerance

If to go

Please remember me

If sad

Please forget me

Looking through our photos, I

miss it looming.

Last winter,

we laughed sweetly and

watched your crying face

saying goodbye

to me. It’s too late to hear

you have gone so far.

Maybe you have given up.

Maybe it’s hard to look back.

I know I missed it

. give me a reason to

say you do not love me

even if I do not know

can not forgive me

, please do not break up your request as

I know you must go injured excuse

you look back

I will accompany you all the way to the final

even if There is no result,

I can bear it,

I know your pain

is a promise

that I gave you, you said to me to condone

silence because of tolerance,

if you want to leave

, please remember me

If you are sad

, please forget me