Intakanna or sell, and to me a good comparison ..

 Intakanna or sell, and to me a good comparison ..

this lavvanedi gamma Babul .. .. antukunnadante believe it does not go

to say to either sell the andarannamate ..
It comes without sneezing .. Trust me .. premanapalevu
Etta instead of just the opposite, according to the cebitive cupuki ..
Oh my God, this is how close the child is to
me .. Buttabomma Buttabomma is burning me .. 
Zindagike attabommai couple kattukuntive

multiplex audiences like
maunangunnagani ammu lo dandanaka jariginde believe .. dimma tiriginade mindu simmu ..

No, not as long as the horse chariot of the Kings .. ..
mirror in front of me, I'll fight ..
bangles hands .. you daggarakoccina Gyabi
cheek .. citikesi cakkaravartini Chesave

small sinuku tumparadigite
torrential storm testive
precursor to a mallepuvunadigite
wraps Plantation painocci paditive
buttabomma buttabomma suttukuntive me ..
Zindagike attabommai pair kattukuntive
finger full of me blob pettukuntive burned
flower I

bloody bloody I have not hit a better look but sell ..